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Blue / Purple Mosaic #8

Blue / Purple Mosaic #8

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TOP: Moulded Pushup top  C/D ( padding optional))

PLEASE NOTE the  Photo mannequin is very small, she also has no crutch so it will not bunch on a real body !

PANTS:  FULL EURO SHAPE  Pro back  _  Scoop front, We will adjust the pants to your hip measurement,  You can send it back to us for adjustments 4 weeks from your competition. ( You pay shipping) or we can base it on a previous comp measurement.

Gorgeous custom colour Mosaic , create with a blend of beautiful blue and Purple  crystals and feature stones.  On the prettiest BLURPLE Base Fabric . Single connectors on shoulders  and no connectors on the  hips. This Stunning Classic bikini will suit any federation.

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