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Flamingo Posing Bikinis

Flamingo Posing Bikinis

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Our Creative Bikini Posing Suits will ensure your posing is on point long before your competition day. The gorgeous shape will also be a hit for a day by the pool or at the beach.. Perfect for working on your tan.

The reason there is no pant  sizing choice is Simple...The fully adjustable pants will fit you when you start your prep and still fit you the day before your competition. From a size 6 to a size 12, the easy adjusted pants look superb.. The Ultra small MICRO PRO CUT will flatter your glutes and help you develop the correct posing style for your shape. 

We offer 2 size tops in this design. Our standard Small and Medium which fits most busts, just the coverage changes depending on your bust size.

Feel confident and prepared with a Creative Bikini Practice Posing suit, perfect for check ins, social media updates (we don’t want you exposing your super special stage bikini before the stage!!) and of course being able to practice in a quality practice bikini with high quality, strong connectors and working on the perfect posing angles AND still feeling fancy AF!

With many years of experience in the industry, we understand that your body changes through your prep journey and therefor so should your Practice Posing Suit which is why all of our Bikini Tops come with moulded push up inserts for that bit of extra push up and shape. Our gorgeous String Top is a very flattering shape on all physiques! Our pants are also completely adjustable, featuring a convenient sliding adjuster on either side of pants so that you can feel confident all season.

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