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ULTRA Figure Cuts

ULTRA Figure Cuts

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The Ultra bikini embellishment is just that ,Ultra sparkly and brilliant on stage. 

Our clever bikini designers hand place 1000's of Crystals  approximately 1mm apart over the entire bikini.  This allows only the smallest amount of the fabric colour to show through. It creates a dynamic colour and shine on stage.


  • You can choose a single colour ( Choosing an AB with give lovely colour on colour variation)
  • If you want to create a unique looking combination of base fabric and crystal colour, and you want the base colour seen a bit more, while still the most possible crystals  per centimeter of bikini.  Request that we leave the edge of the bikini approx. 8mm or 2 crystal width) clear of crystals in the Customer notes. This look is often seen in the USA & Olympia Competitions. '
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